Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fabric Valentine's Heart Tutorial

Just in time for Valentine's Day! Make these plushy and bendy hearts to hang on your door or somewhere else to decorate your space. Below is a little tutorial so you can make some up yourself.

Step 1 - Cut a piece of thick cording (available at a sewing store in the drapery department) to your desired length. Cut a strip of pretty fabric, wide enough to cover the cording when folded over. Using wire cutters, bend and cut a section of a coat hanger to fit as well. Fold over and pin shut.

Step 2 - Sew along edge using a sewing machine and take out pins as you go. Bend it into a heart shape.

Step 3 - Handstitch the ends together at the centre of the heart. You can turn it over so the raw ends aren't visible or leave it as is like mine. I wasn't worried about the raw edges showing as my embellishments will cover it. :)

Step 4 - Finger knit or crochet a cord to wrap around the centre of your heart. Add a crocheted flower or a little handmade ruffle to the heart. Tie it together and hang it up. You are done!

Note - You can use this technique to make pretty much any shape you like. A circle would be really cute too! Please let me know if you make these, I'd love to see. :)


  1. How nice of you to take your time to leave a comment for me! What a lovely place you've got here: Fantastic craft and inspiration.
    My aim for this year is to learn how to embroider and to paint. You seem to be very good at it. :)


  2. Hi Annelie - thank you so much for commenting! :)

  3. thanks for inspiration, this is so gorgeous!!



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