Sunday, February 28, 2010

Coptic Stitch Bound Journal - a WIP

A WIP. Made a couple of these journals today. My first time trying coptic stitch binding. The cover is a cereal box like suggested in a tutorial by The Long Thread. Also, they link to another tutorial available on Alpha+Mom.
I also tried my hand at handcarved stamps. Carving a design out of rubber is so much quicker and easier to do than using lino. It is really easy to tear though. Also, my carving tools are in storage at the moment, so I used a utility knife instead, which was really sharp. It's so much fun though, so now I have more ideas and need to get more rubber! (From the stamps shown above, I made the Polaroid, the heart and the dashes. The bull clip stamp is from Crafty Secrets and the "Happy Everything" stamps is from Red Lead PaperWorks.)
I'll post some more pics once I take more photos...
P.S. a faux Polaroid of a faux Polaroid!

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