Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Ruffled Heart

Yesterday, I posted a simple tutorial on how to make ruffles. Today I'm going to describe how to turn it into a pretty heart accent for a shirt.


- ruffle (premade)
- pins
- needle & thread
- t-shirt


1. Lay out ruffle on area of shirt that you want design to be. Form it into a heart shape and pin it to the shirt as you go. Don't worry about the connections at the top. We can disguise that later.

2. Once ruffle is pinned to shirt, handstitch it to the shirt using a matching thread colour so it doesn't show. When stitching the ruffle to the shirt, try and go along the middle area where the original seam is. Take small stitches so it doesn't show.

3. Once the ruffle is sewn to the shirt, pick out a pretty button, a flower, or other embellishment and sew it to the top of the heart. You can place it over the connections for the two ends of the ruffle so that the messy part doesn't show.
Your shirt is done! FYI: For this project, I used a white turtleneck shirt that my son had outgrown. This project was perfect to make it a little more girly so my daughter could wear it too.

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