Friday, September 24, 2010

Ruffle Pom-Poms - a Tutorial

These ruffle pom-poms are really easy to make, but a little time-consuming when it comes to cutting out all the circles! They would be great hanging as a mobile. My kids have taken over the ones I made and they are now hanging in their bunks.

Here is what you need:

- Styrofoam ball (any size - depends on the size of ruffle pom-pom you want to make)
- fabric circles (cut out a ton of these, all the same size - mine were a little larger than a "Twoonie")
- hot glue gun and glue
- piece of yarn


1. Put one small dab of hot glue on the styrofoam ball. ** Be careful not to burn yourself! **

2. Working quickly, press the middle of the back of the fabric circle directly into the ball. You will only need to use a small dab of glue. Allow the edges to flow freely.

3. Work around the ball and add on more and more fabric circles. Get close to the previously glued circle by folding back the edges of it to make room for the new circle.

4. Fill in any empty gaps. You may need to cut more fabric circles to fill up any empty spaces.

5. Cut a bit of yarn and knot one end. Hot glue the knotted end to a place on the ball where it won't be shown. Tie a loop in the other end. This is your hanger.

6. Hang and enjoy!

This orange flower print is from a panel of vintage curtains that I found at the thrift shop awhile back. (You've probably seen it as a background in some of my photos. Also, here is another project I made using some of this fabric.)
Hanging in our bedroom window.


  1. I just got lots of polystyrene balls cuz i wanted to wrap them with yarn to make a wreath.. it hasnt really worked out too well lol so i might do this instead!

  2. oh the possibilities for the tute. tfs!!



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