Friday, November 26, 2010

A Merry Little Tree - a Tutorial

These evergreen Merry Little Trees are so easy to make and would make a great little Christmas centrepiece or mantle arrangement. Once you get started on one, you'll see it will go pretty quickly. Next up, I want to make some in other colours like pretty pink and white too! To display your evergreens, try gluing them into old wooden spools so they can stand on there own. Another idea is to put them in a short vase. You could also add decorations to your tree, but I'm really enjoying mine plain for now. :)
Here is what you need to make your own Merry Little Trees:
- pipe cleaners / chenille sticks (lots of them)
- chopsticks (one per tree)
- a pair of scissors
1. Wrap a pipe cleaner all around the chopstick. Use enough of them to completely cover the stick.
2. Begin to make the 'leaves' by taking one pipe cleaner and folding it in half.
3. Twist the top end in a little ways, up by the fold.
4. Take one end and fold it over half way and then wrap it around the 'stem.'

5. Do the same with the other end and wrap it around the 'stem' as well. If there is excess, you can either cut it off or keep wrapping it around your 'branch.'

6. Add on a second pipe cleaner to your 'branch' only make it's 'leaves' a little longer. The closer you go in on the branch, the wider it's leaves span out.
7. Add on a third pipe cleaner, making it's 'leaves' a little longer than the previous one.
8. Twist the end of the branch around the 'tree trunk.'
9. Make many more of these 'branches' and add them to the 'tree trunk' as well.
10. To finish the top, make a small 3 pronged 'leaf' and wrap it around the top of the chop stick.
You are done!
Let me know if you make these. I'd love to see pics of yours!


  1. Just wanted to say "Hi" -- I'm looking for Christmas crafts and ideas for handmade Christmas gifts and came across your blog in a search and rabbit trail. Looking forward to looking around your blog more. Thank you so much for sharing. :-)




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